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Brake Service

Your brake system is one of the most important systems on your vehicle. Not only does it have to function correctly under normal conditions it needs to have the capability to perform under the worst conditions at the press of a pedal. We offer the expertise to check and maintain the functions of this critical safety component. We offer the expertise to check and maintain the functions of this critical safety component. Every vehicle that comes in our shop has it's braking system checked for proper function and is inspected to make sure excessive wear and tear is identified and reported to the owner.

Engine Performance

The heart of any vehicle is the engine. It is what makes the vehicle get you and your family from home to work, school, and to the movies on Friday night! Internally inside the engine there are hundreds of moving parts that must be in proper working function in order for the engine to run smoothly and efficiently. Oil is one of the key components that helps keep these engine parts cool and lubricated. Run your hands together for 30 seconds, did they get warm? Now, imagine rubbing them together 3,000 times a minute, that is what you engine does everyday of it's life. Our technicians are trained to spot problems that could cause your engine to fail and are able to prevent failure by repairing and maintaining parts that may have failed or are on there way to failure. Our technicians are trained regularly to keep up to date on all the new engine technology's in order to be able to diagnose problems before they can turn in to complete engine failures. So called " Backyard Mechanics" do not have the tools or resources in order to properly work on today's vehicles. Keep your engine in tune properly with the team at RMB!

Drivetrain Delivery
In order to make the power of your engine turn into forward motion there are hundreds of parts that must work in a specifiic order together all at once. This means your drivetrain must be kept lubricated and free from mechanical defects to get you and your family safely from point A to point B. Our technicians inspect every moving part of your drivetrain for proper function and lubrication. We make sure there are no loose joints, ripped axle boots, leaking rear ends, proper function of the seals, and the condition of your shocks and struts. At RMB you can count on the knowledge and skills of our technicians to keep yor vehicle in TIP-TOP shape!

Price List Comparison

SERVICE PERFORMED Most Other Shops RMB Auto Repair
Oil Change Non-Synthetic $49.95 $32.95
Brakes Front Disc System $325.00 $225.00
Engine Tune-Up $350.00 $225.00
Cooling Coolant Flush $99.95 $69.95
Transmission Trans Flush & Clean $149.95 $89.95
Air-Conditioning Evac & Recharge $135.99 $89.95
Suspension Lower Ball Joint $200.00 $125.00
Steering Outer Tie Rod $149.95 $79.95
Exhaust Muffler Replacement $189.95 $109.95

Check engine light - it’s just a very small light found on your dashboard, but it can cause panic and a lot of worry among car owners every time it illuminates, so much so that some drivers rush to the nearest mechanic shop whenever they see this light come on. Some drivers associate this light with engine trouble, and they can be correct in some degree. But, understand that the most innocent car owner can be ripped off because of this check engine light. This is especially true if you do not know anything about this light. The mechanic can easily tell you that the light means a huge repair and a lot of replacements, which mean more dollars for you. But what is this light, really? Well, the check engine light is a simple indicator that will tell you when your vehicle computer notices a problem that it cannot fix on its own. But, understand that the said problem doesn’t always have to be critical or one that will cause engine breakdown. In fact, as simple as a loose fuel cap can cause the check engine light to come on. To find out what the exact problem is, auto repair shops use a scan tool. But, you should know that you can also DIY the code finding because there are available code readers that you can buy. The code will point you out to the specific issue.

Once you know the problem, you can take a look at the other symptoms until you determine which part is acting up. Once you already know that, you’ll be able to determine whether you can DIY the repair or replacement or whether you will need to bring your vehicle in for repair. By being sure of the problem, you can ascertain the cost and your risk of being ripped off will be reduced.